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Some of Your Favorites, But Low Carb!!

We've all probably been at a point where we want to lose weight and get healthy, but not everybody wants to give up their favorite foods in order to do so!

In my opinion, giving up all of your comforts altogether is a good way to fall off-track, and likely not sustainable long-term. Nobody wants to feel deprived of all of the foods they love, so instead of cutting them out completely, I always recommend finding lower carb versions of your favorites so you can have those comfort foods on occasion and still reach your goals!

There are a few staples that most clients say they'll miss, so here are some of my favorite subs, that'll definitely curb those cravings in a pinch!!

Mashed Potatoes- The holy grail of all carbs. If you're having a hankering, grab some cauliflower and try this easy recipe for Cauliflower Mash!! Cauliflower is known for having a similar consistency to potatoes, so they're the perfect low carb substitute that's sure to kick your craving!

Pizza- Ah, the Za. Pizza is totally a favorite of mind, so naturally, I set out for the perfect substitute. ENTER- Fathead pizza crust. So easy to make, a million ways to personalize with sauces and toppings (meat lovers, bbq chicken, pepperoni, spinach alfredo, the list goes on), and filling without making you hate yourself after! WIN/WIN/WIN!!

Tacos- The great thing about tacos is that everything but the shell is usually already low carb, so it's a super easy substitute! You can either just have a taco salad in a bowl and forego the shell altogether, OR if you really just wanna feel like you're eating a real taco, try this super quick and easy recipe for Crispy Cheese Shells!!

Pancakes- A breakfast favorite!! Yes, there's a low carb option for that too! Eat them like normal pancakes with some butter and sugar free syrup, OR make them small and use them to make homemade breakfast sandwiches with your favorite breakfast meat and some eggs!

Chicken Fried Rice- Chicken fried rice is a HUGE fan favorite, and something I tend to crave every once in a while. We all know that normal fried rice usually isn't very low carb, but of course, there's a sub for that!! Try this recipe for cauliflower fried rice and prepare to have your mind blown!! For the sake of simplicity, you can even buy riced cauliflower in the frozen section of your favorite grocery store! Don't forget the soy sauce!

In the wonderful world of 2022, we are lucky to have endless resources for recipes, so if none of these sound good to you, take to the search bar and just search "low carb (enter food of choice)" and I can almost guarantee there's a recipe out there for whatever you're craving!! As always, balance, moderation, and mindfulness are key, but having recipes on hand for low carb options for all of your favorites, can be incredibly helpful in keeping you on track and keeping you from indulging in the high-carb versions!! As always, if you need extra assistance with meal-planning, a coach can be a valuable tool and I'm always just a message away!!

With love and a little kick in the ass,


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