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Benefits of Stretching to Start Your Day!

Do you ever wake up and know immediately that you just dont want to? Your body is tired, you lack energy, and it feels impossible to make it through the day? Yeah, SAME! What if something as simple as doing a few staple stretches every morning could help you feel more energized and productive??

Beings all across nature start their morning with a good, full body stretch, but have we ever stopped to wonder why?

When we spend all night laying down, moving very little, a lot of things happen. Your heart rate slows, your muscles tighten, your joints stiffen. Of course when you wake up, these things don't just go away immediately!

So what exactly does stretching in the morning accomplish? Besides being the most satisfying stretch of the day??

Helps your body and brain to wake up- It might not totally erase your disdain for getting out of bed and ready for the day, but it can certainly help make it a little more bearable.

Increases circulation- When you sleep, its natural for circulation to slow. When you stretch it increases that circulation quicker than normal and helps your body to feel less sluggish and more energized!

Increase mobility- We all know how it feels to do the old person "groan while we sit up in bed because everything is tight, stiff, and sore" every morning. Stretching as soon as you get up will help loosen the tight muscles and stiff joints relieving some of the pain and discomfort we get from laying still all night!

Reduce stress- Yes, starting your morning with a stretch can actually reduce psychological stress! Who knew?!

So, if most of your days are starting off... not being ready for the day... try starting them off with a good circuit of stretching, maybe a short yoga video and see how that helps to jumpstart your day and get it going a little easier!!

With love and a little kick in the ass,

Brenda Breland


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