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Home Workout Essentials Under $30

Starting your health and fitness journey does not mean running out and grabbing a gym. membership. As a matter of fact, I actually started my journey I only worked out at home for 6 months and 99% of the time my kids were right there with me and this is even what some of my clients in my 1:1 program do. The best part you can get amazing results in just 20 min a day. You can find all of these essentials by clicking here.

Suspension System

These are a hidden gym (:P see what i did there) that allow you to utilize your own body weight for resistance. The best part, no matter what muscle you are targeting bc of the way you must position your body you will be getting a full-body workout.

Hip Circle

One of the most underused pieces of equipment, I keep one of these bad boys in my living room so when I am in the living room watching tv I can throw one of these on and get a little glute resistance training in. Sounds crazy but trust me girl.

Resistance Bands

With the handles and door anchors, you can add resistance to any muscle group exercise. Youtube has a plethora of videos that will show you some really cool ways to e utilize these for all muscle groups.


You're probably thinking, well no shit 😆 but I am sharing this bc a lot of people think they need a bunch of different weights but almost all my clients only use 5 and/or 10 lbs weights. With just these two sets they are able to burn fat and build lean muscle mass at the same time.

Want to see the results for yourself head over to my IG highlights and check them out. Your mind will be blown.



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