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Happy (Healthy) Holidays!!

So, you want to live a healthier lifestyle and make better choices, but the holidays are here and you don't want to give up all of that yummy food, so you just decide to put it off until the first of the year... I see you! We've all been there!! But WHY?? When it comes to yummy *and* sensible options for your holiday festivities, the possibilities are endless! A lot of your holiday favorites may even be healthier than you think (turkey and ham?? Perfect low carb meats)!! Need a few other ideas that even your friends and family will love?? I got you!!

Deviled Eggs

Let's be honest. Everyone loves deviled eggs and they're a great low carb option for any get-together! Simple, delicious, and a classic crowd-pleaser!

Bacon Wrapped Smokies

2 ingredients. Bacon. Lil Smokies. What's not to love?? Sprinkle with Truvia Brown sugar for a low carb appetizer that everyone will enjoy!!

Loaded Cauliflower Mash

Loaded mashed "potatoes" but healthy!! Everybody wins with this one, and people will likely forget that they're not eating the real deal!!

Low Carb Lemon Bars

You didn't think I forgot about your sweet tooth, did you?? Lemon Bars are a fool-proof treat and even better, they're easy to make! And YES, you can make them low sugar and low carb!!

In order to maintain our healthy lifestyle, we have to be able to make our life fit our goals, and not the other way around. So don't use the holidays as an excuse to put off the work! It might take a little bit of extra planning and dedication to stay on track and to resist temptation, but if you have healthy versions of your favorite foods at your disposal, it'll make staying on track even easier!! So if you've been waiting for a push to get started *now*, HERE IT IS!

Happy Holidays!!

With Love and a Little Kick in the Ass,


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