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Decide to Show Up, Even When Your Motivation Doesn't!!

What's the MOST common excuse I hear for people failing their health goals, or refusing to start altogether?? "Ugh, I just don't have the motivation."

My response?? DO IT ANYWAYS!!!!!

If we all sat around and waited to do important things until we "felt" like it, nobody would ever get anything done! Motivation is not something that, once you have it, it will magically hang around and carry you to your goals. Quite the contrary. Some days you'll have loads of motivation, but most days you're likely going to wake up not being motivated enough to actually make the decisions you need to be successful on your health journey.

What do you do on the days you don't have motivation? You rely on the good habits that you've worked so hard to build! At the end of the day, your success is more about your unwillingness to skip showing up because you goals ARE more important. It's about making the conscious effort to wake up on those tough mornings, briefly think "UGH, I don't wanna!!!", and then quickly remind yourself "BUT IM GONNA!!" and move on to slay your day!!

Even people who do health + fitness for a living HAVE THOSE DAYS, but what's going to set you apart and propel you to success, is ignoring the part of your brain that wants to let those days win! So, don't wait for motivation to start, and don't rely on motivation to keep going!! I can promise you that motivation is a fickle b**** and WILL leave you hanging!! VOW to keep going on the days she doesn't have your back, because around here, we DON'T need motivation to show up, we just DO IT ANYWAYS!!

With love and a little kick in the ass,


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