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Best Low-Impact Exercises For Fat Burning

Exercising can be overwhelming, especially for someone who might have reasons for not being able to do high-impact exercises. The solution isn't skipping exercise altogether, instead, try some of my favorite low-impact exercises that will still help you burn fat without the more intense, high impact exercises!

Weight lifting- We've all been conditioned to think that cardio is the only way to burn fat and that's simply not true. Lifting weights is an excellent way to stick to low impact, but still effectively burn fat! Get a gym membership or invest in a set for at home so you always have access to low-impact fat burning!

Walking/hiking- It seems so simple, but a nice, brisk walk is a great low-impact way to burn weight!! You can walk around your yard, the side of your road, or even hit a nature trail for a hike! We can all agree that making an adventure out of it also makes it way more fun!!

Swimming- You'd be surprised what a great workout you'll get even from just 20 minutes or so of swimming! Perfect for low impact and sure to make you feel the burn!

Trampoline- I know, I know, it sounds silly! But jumping on the trampoline is actually a great way to work your muscles and burn fat! If your kids have a trampoline, borrow theirs on occasion or invest in a smaller version just for mom (or dad)!!

Yoga- Who doesn't love a nice, calming yoga sesh?! Yoga is great because it's low-impact, will help build muscle, burn fat, and also help manage your mental health as well!! There are tons of amazing yoga leaders on Youtube that'll help walk you through each workout!

If you're avoiding high-impact exercises, I hope you'll try to fit some of these into your routine and see how they improve your fitness level!! Don't be afraid to ease yourself in and start with a few days a week and build up to more frequent and longer exercises!! If you need extra help tailoring a workout plan perfect for you, I have spots available in my programs for meal and workout plans!!

With love and a little kick in the ass,


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