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Fruits for Fat Burning!

It's true... most fruits are incredibly high in natural sugars that can throw off your diet, especially if you're trying to stick to a lower carb lifestyle!

But let's be honest, nobody wants to totally cut fruits out altogether, and that's not very realistic or sustainable for long term. So what do you turn to when you're craving fruit on your low carb lifestyle??


Lemons and lime are great to squeeze into your water for an extra hint of flavor and a bit of a fruit fix. Be wary of oranges and grapefruits, they are much higher carb!


Most berries are a great option for a low carb lifestyle. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries! I love to eat mixed berries with some whipped cream! It's the perfect sweet treat that won't throw you off-track!

Honeydew- Surprisingly, honeydew melon is only about 8 grams of carbs for a 1/2 cup serving, making it a great fruit option as long as you stick to the 1/2 cup serving size!

Like anything else, be sure you keep an eye on your serving sizes and, everything in moderation! You don't have to cut out fruit altogether to lose weight! Enjoy!

With love and a little kick in the ass,


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