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Trying to Lose Weight? 5 Things to Avoid!

We've all been at the beginning of a weight loss journey trying to learn what to eat and it's SO overwhelming!! If you need a small step to start your journey and a way to start seeing and feeling a difference without having to dive in all at once, try cutting or limiting these 5 foods to make starting your new wellness journey even easier!-

1. High starch vegetables- I know, I know. Nobody wants to give up potatoes. But potatoes, along with vegetables like corn, carrots, and sweet potatoes (to name a few), can really slow down your weight loss because of their high starch and carb content, so it's best to avoid or limit these and other high starch veggies!

2. All forms of sugar- Processed sugar is obvious; things like sugary sodas, cereals, candies, and desserts. But most people don't realize that a lot of fruits are extremely high in natural sugars, and the body doesn't discriminate when it comes to sugar, so limit high sugar fruits like bananas and apples as much as possible and stick to lower-sugar fruits like strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries!

3. Pasta- Pasta is very high in carbs and low in fiber making it a good food to avoid if you're trying to drop weight!

4. Bread and grain products- Much like pasta, bread and most grains are very high in carbs and, in most cases, very low in fiber, making it not friendly for most weight loss plans. It's best to limit or avoid these on your journey!

5. "Low fat and fat free" products- You've probably been led to believe that you can't eat fats and lose weight. This isn't true. Most healthy, balanced diets require a good amount of healthy, natural fats. When products say that they're low fat or fat free, they've almost always ADDED carbs to make them so. Limit or avoid these products as much as possible!

If you're just starting your journey, remember that nobody is perfect and falling will definitely be a part of it. Whether or not you succeed will depend on whether you use falling as an excuse not to get back up and start again. Don't be afraid to start small by simply limiting these foods, and don't be afraid to reach out for help if you need support along your journey, as I have group and one-on-one coaching options available!!! Now go be a bad bi*** and start working towards your goals!!

With Love and a Little Kick in the Ass,

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