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Morning Habits to Shape Your Day!

Mornings. I don't think anyone actually enjoys having to crawl out of their cozy bed and start their day, but I DO believe that how you spend your mornings can, and does shape how the rest of your day will go.

Have you ever noticed that lazy mornings where you stay in your pjs is almost a guarantee that you won't get anything done for the day?? On the flip-side, when you get dressed and ready for the day, you almost feel MORE ready to take on the day!! I can't be the only one, RIGHT?!

This is why having a peaceful, consistent morning routine is a crucial part of me being productive and reaching my goals every day. If you're having a hard time kickstarting your day, getting motivated, or feeling like going out and slaying life, try adopting some simple self-care habits for your morning that'll ALMOST guarantee a productive, positive day!

Journaling- I can't stress this enough! Take a few minutes a day to write down anything that comes out. Your intentions for the day, things you want to work on/focus on, stresses from yesterday that you need to let go of- there's truly NO wrong way to journal. It's an effective way to destress, and let go of anything you don't want to carry for the day!

Get yourself ready for the day- This doesn't ALWAYS have to be nice clothes, curled hair, and a full face of makeup. It can be as simple as a clean pair of sweats and a tshirt, brushing your teeth, and running a brush through your hair. But it's proven that feeling good about how you present yourself can help you be more productive and positive throughout your day, so be sure to carve out some time to spend on yourself and your personal care routine each morning!

Meditate- It sounds cliche, but having a few quiet moments breathe slowly and intentionally, and calm your brain, can truly make a difference in the mindset that you take into the day. Find your favorite happy place in your home or outside, grab your coffee, and enjoy some quiet to set the stage for a positive, peaceful day!

Nourish your body- This one is common sense, but feeding your body healthy, fresh foods can raise your vibrations and energy to set you up for a successful day. Have you noticed that when you make bad food choices in the morning, you spend the first part of your day focusing on how yucky you feel?? Making positive food choices can make a huge difference in how you feel physically and mentally throughout the day. So whip up your favorite yogurt with some berries, blend up a smoothie, or even just have your favorite protein shake- but fuel your glorious body and she will thank you!!

Create a peaceful space- Spend a few moments of your morning making your bed, tidying your home, or even knocking out a quick chore JUST to make your day a little easier! If you work outside the home this will give you a more peaceful evening when you get home from work, and if you're working from home it'll create a more productive space to make for a smoother day, and possibly even a few extra moments of downtime later!

Once you get into a routine, all of these things will feel like a natural part of your day, and I can almost guarantee that you'll feel a shift in how smooth and peaceful your days are! We have the power to create the kind of day we want, so join me in waking up every morning and making intentional choices to shape a happy and peaceful day! You might be surprised how this will benefit many aspects of your daily life!!

With love and a little kick in the ass,


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