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Macro Tracking is Your Friend!!

I know what you're thinking, "Tracking Macros?? NO THANK YOU!!" BUT HEAR ME OUT!!!

Can you lose weight without tracking macros? Absolutely! Will you ever get a true idea of everything you're consuming and where it's coming from? Probably not. Why? Because protein, carbs, and fats all have their own roles in the function of the human body, so understanding your body's needs will allow you to-

*Burn fat faster and more consistently

*Maintain energy levels

*Make your healthy lifestyle more sustainable

*Build (instead of burn) muscle mass during fat loss

(Just to name a few!)


"Okay, makes sense, but how do I get started tracking my macros??"

Tracking macros would probably be incredibly overwhelming on paper, so the first step is deciding which app is best for your tracking needs! Here are a few of the most popular apps to choose from-


Carb Manager

Food Noms


"I picked a tracking app, now how do I know what to set my macros at??"

That's the thing about macros- they're NOT a one-size-fits-all thing. What your body requires for fat loss will likely be different from your neighbor, AND may change over time. So it's important to calculate the right macros for you based on things like your height, weight, and overall fitness goals! You can either use a free macro calculator online or utilize a professional (like myself, wink wink) to adjust and perfect your macros and do all the work for you (well, not all, but you know what I mean)!


Is macro counting hard and daunting sometimes? Maybe. But like anything worth while, it will eventually be second-nature and you'll undoubtedly see countless benefits from REALLY tapping into where all of your macronutrients are coming from in your diet. If it feels like too much, send me an email because I'm here to help, but either way JUST DO IT, because you DESERVE to be picky about what goes into your beautiful body!

With love and a little kick in the ass,


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