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Fat Burning For Newbies-A Great Place to Start!

I tell all of my clients the same truth- The first couple of weeks are the hardest. Breaking old habits and fighting old cravings can seem impossible when you're starting a new lifestyle. The key? SIMPLICITY.

Many people make the same mistake when starting Keto (or any other lifestyle change), and that is going too complicated or complex with their food and recipes, adding lots of processed "keto" foods, artificial sweeteners, and dessert substitutions. The fact is, the simpler your foods are, the less hidden, processed junk you'll unknowingly be eating. Over time, you'll find that the simplest foods and recipes are what will help you break those old habits and cravings.

Here are some fool-proof staples that'll keep you full and burning fat!

Eggs- Deviled, scrambled, fried, in an omelet, the possibilities are ENDLESS! Full of healthy fats and protein, you absolutely can't go wrong with eggs! *Tip- Mix up your omelet mix and bake in a cupcake pan for a delicious, convenient, freezable-and-reheatable, meal on the go!!*

Meats and other proteins- A big part of the reason a lot of people feel hungry when trying to lose weight is not eating enough protein! Chicken, steak, pork, seafood, etc. Sufficient protein is proven to keep you satisfied longer and aid greatly in burning fat while avoiding burning muscle mass! *Tip- As mentioned above, the more processed ingredients you add, the more hidden ingredients you're eating. Try your best to only add healthy fats, seasonings, and veggies to your meats!*

*Healthy* Fats- I know, you've been taught your whole life that you can't eat fats and lose weight. Well, go ahead and start retraining your brain! I'm not talking about vegetable oil. I'm talking avocados, coconut oil, MCT Oil, grass-fed dairy, etc. Giving your body sufficient healthy fats can help burn fat, keep you full, lower cholesterol, and even lower your chances for heart problems! Who knew?!

Fiber-rich vegetables- Eating sufficient fiber is essential for a healthy body and fat burning! Try swapping your high carb/high sugar vegetables (like potatoes and carrots) for low sugar, high fiber vegetables like spinach, artichokes, broccoli, and brussels sprouts! *Tip- Not a fan of vegetables? Try supplementing with chia and flaxseeds wherever you can!*

Keeping these things on hand at all times will make it easier to kill those cravings, and finally start seeing the progress you've been wanting. As always, consistency is key, but if you can start to fill the holes of your bad habits with these healthy, fat burning foods, you'll likely start to feel AND see a difference in your first few weeks. If you're still stuck and need a more thorough, personalized meal plan, I can help with that! But if you're going it alone, this is a great place to start!

Best of luck, and as always, I'm here for any step of your journey when you're ready for that extra kick in the ass!!!!

Text Me!-(417)246-3369


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