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Fasting Can Hurt You!

Fasting isn’t something I recommend my clients jumping into week 1. Why? Because often time fasting leads to under eating if not done correctly. Which under regulates your hormones and metabolism. That essentially going to send you in the complete opposite direction of your goals. WE DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS

Want to avoid it? Go back to the basics, slowly increase your caloric intake until you are eating a stable amount for your goals, then after 6-12 weeks of consistency add back in fasting. (And 1300 calories is still not enough)

This is how I describe fasting to my clients. I’m a 👀 visual person. All we are going to do is take our full day of macros and shift them. Same caloric intake, same food.

So you can see that by simply adding bacon to our burger and hard-boiled eggs to our salad we were able to fast until lunch and not reduce our caloric intake.

I would love to hear how your fasting is going. Text me at 417-246-3369 and let's chat.




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